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Jul 5th, 2012 @ 6:55 am

Squelching Secrets: Why Are Obama's Prosecutors Pursuing John Kiriakou?

John Kiriakou is a 14-year CIA veteran who, until his indictment, was best known for publicly rejecting the Bush administration’s Orwellian doublespeak about “enhanced interrogation.” In a 2007ABC News interview, Kiriakou became the first person directly involved in the handling of terror suspects to call waterboarding at the CIA’s hands what it was — torture.

But in April, Fitzgerald charged Kiriakou with five criminal counts, including three violations of the Espionage Act — a 1917 law intended to punish officials for aiding the enemy — for allegedly disclosing national security information to reporters about CIA agents and their role in those interrogations to reporters.

Fitzgerald’s use of the Espionage Act is in keeping with the Department of Justice’s crackdown on leaks to reporters. And the Obama administration has now used the Espionage Act six times to prosecute disclosures to journalists — more than all previous presidential administrations combined.

But the severity of the charges facing Kiriakou — especially in contrast with the lack of prosecutions related to the interrogations themselves — has outraged human rights activists and good-government groups, who said they see the scapegoating of a whistleblower.

*Let’s prosecute people who stand up for what’s right. Does everyone forget the Bush administration actively lied to get us into war?!? How come none of them faced trial? Fuckin’ bullshit.

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